Lets open this portal....

You have heard it a thousand times before..
"Follow your heart, listen to your gut."

But the truth is many of us were not raised to live our lives this way.

We have become so heavily dependent upon external sources to guide us that many of us feel lost in this matrix.

We find our selves getting emotionally tossed with every breaking media story, that we can no longer sustain peace within our being.

However there is an energetic portal inside you, that when accessed can fully guide you.

This portal serves as an anchor point for souls to physically incarnate.

I am talking about your WOMB honey.

This portal of wisdom is our direct connection to source and when we call upon it, we are calling upon source wisdom.

However, due to our programming the wisdom it holds within it remains dormant.
Therefore, we must energetically activate and ADORN it much in the way we adorn and decorate ourselves.

This is what WOMB ADORNMENT is all about. 

Establishing a channel to your womb so that you will always be connected to source insight, no longer having to question or seek external opinion for something you ALREADY know you should or should not be doing.

More importantly, creating a sensation of deep trust within yourself so that you do not find yourself succumbing to fear, anxiety for extended periods of time.

This self paced course is a direct instructional guide into creating a clear channel for womb wisdom to flow.

Together in this course, we open the portal to your womb and activate its power fully. 

You will walk away with a deeper trust of not only your own inner wisdom but an activation of your Goddess within who is deeply connected to her body. 

Heres what you will receive 

  • ​✨A complete deprogramming of how you were taught to view your body to bring yourself back into harmony with nature.
  • ​✨Learn the ancient art of creating presence so that you can create a foundation for womb wisdom to flow
  • ​✨Learn the ancient approach to harmonize your cycle and create easier more pain free periods. 
  • ​✨Learn how to tap into your natural bodily rhythms to live your life in accordance with your flow. This is a key secret to creating more balance in your being.
  • ✨​Understand the true power of your sacred secretion (I guarantee you weren't taught this in school).
  • ✨​Exactly how to talk to your womb to allow messages to flow clearly
  • ​✨​Learn the truth about how we were originally designed that will help you raise your vibration and begin to tap into higher human capabilities and vitality. 
  • ​✨Learn how to dissolve trauma that is energetically stored within your womb that can prevent aligned information from flowing to you.
  • ​✨Access to the Body Wisdom group chat to connect with others on this path 

This course is not a quick turnaround type thing, rather it is a deep journey into yourself and initiation into the feminine mystic. 

It is an investment in self that requires dedication and trust to see results. 

Total Self Investment to begin: $150

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